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Dyson Pure Cool Link internals
I got a Dyson Pure Cool Link fan a few days ago and started to tinker with it :-) (after having a look at the app and deleting it after ~5 Minutes. Ugh) Device Overview Well: It is a Fan. But a fan with a remote control and Wifi

Plug it in The fan can be used without all the Wifi stuff, but that wouldn't be much fun. Unfortunately, you are forced to install Dysons app which has tons of 'analytics-tracking' built in. So we are going to fix that.

Boot it up! The initial configuration of ...
CyanogenMod Builds for Z3C + Z3C-Tablet
Some time ago, i started to compile my own CM Builds for the Xperia Z3 Compact and the Z3 Tablet (Wifi Model).
While CM runs pretty well on the Z3 devices (thanks to Sony and FreeXperia!), there are still a few pain points in the 12.1 nighly releases which i try to solve in my own builds. What's different? Not much: You can find the a diff of my patches here
It boils down to: Restarting Surfaceflinger (the UI) after entering the Full-Disk-Encryption passphrase to avoid some graphical glitches E ...
Fiber7 an einem Linux Router
Konfiguration unter Linux Dieser Artikel befasst sich mit der Konfiguration von IPv6 + Fiber7. Warum? Weil es zu IPv4 eigentlich nichts zu sagen gibt: DHCP Client starten, fertig. Mit IPv6 würde die Sache eigentlich gleich ausschauen, wenn man:
a) Wüsste was man tut ;-) b) Die benötigte Software teil der Distribution ist
Ausgangslage In diesem howto gehen wir von einem schon aufgeschalteten Fiber7 Account aus. IPv6 ist auf dem Router via SLAAC vermutlich schon aktiv, jedoch w ...
Response time newssites
Seit längerem monitore ich mit meinem lustigen XYMon (aka Hobbit) auch einige fremde Seiten. Hier ein paar lustige RRD Graphs der schweizer news Landschaft. (bonus!!)

Achja: Gemessen wurde von (Hetzner), es hatten also alle gleich (un)faire chancen. ...
Android 5.1 (L) for Sony Xperia Z (YUGA)
This is the home of my Android 5.1 Port to the Sony Xperia Z (YUGA / C6603 and C6602). Current progress Feature Status Comment Audio Working - Graphics Working - 3D Acceleration Working - OMX Working - ...
Android 4.4 for Sony Xperia Z (YUGA)
This is the home of my Android 4.4 Port for the Sony Xperia Z (YUGA / C6603).
Note: This (android 4.x) based port will not receive any new updates. You should check out my Android 5.x based port
Changelog for Release 4.x (4.4 based) Version 4.9.3 (released 2. Nov 2014) Build gralloc & co from source. This reduces the number of required patches and also fixes screenrecording. Download release 4.9.3 Mirror on PGP sig. Download Google-Apps package (v3)
Version 4.9.2 (released 27 ...
Qualcomm crypto driver
The tale of two identical devices I own two Xperia Z devices: One for my daily use and one to test my AOSP Port. My (unencrypted) test device always feelt snappier than my encrypted for-daily-use phone. Well: That's not a big surprise: Running with an encrypted /data partion will have some performance impact... but sometimes it just felt a little bit too slow. Searching for the root cause I quickly discovered (as expected) that my slow/encrypted device is much slower at doing any IO on /data. This is a s ...
Unrestricted OpenWRT builds for the Netgear WNDR3700v2 (Update: 12.09 final)
I've started to compile OpenWRT for my Netgear WNDR3700v2 myself as the OpenWRT team seems to enjoy to criple their own builds.

In the good old days, you could enable WIFI channel 12 and 13 by updating the 'regulatory.bin' file after installing OpenWRT.
However: For some unknown reason the OpenWRT developers decided to break this feature, the only option left is to recompile OpenWRT with 'CONFIG_ATH_USER_REGD=y'. Thanks a bunch!

Yes, i'm pissed, so i've uploaded my collection of my ...