SuperFlash + Ucon64

Using the SuperFlash with Ucon64 on Linux

ToToTek sells a superb SuperNintendo Flashcard called SuperFlash [more infos].
Ucon64 (the so called emulator swiss army knife) supports this kind of hardware out of the box :-)

Installing and patching Ucon64

CVS checkout

I recommend to use the latest CVS-Version of ucon64. cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P ucon64

Patch and compile

Ucon64 doesn't like the parallel port on my Asus board. I've created a small patch to disable ECP support in ucon64 (EPP appears to work fine). To compile ucon64 with my patch (feedback: Does it work on your post-2000 board without the patch?) run: # cd ucon64/src
# wget
# patch -p1 < ucon64.diff
# ./configure --enable-ppdev
# make -j 4

Uploading games

Creating a ROM

Uploading a ROM directly to the SuperFlash will not work: You must use ucon64 to create a multiboot ROM (but you are free to include only one game...) with a special bootloader ( # ucon64 --multi=64 zelda_hack.smc chrono_psx.smc out.smc This command merges 'zelda_hack.smc' + 'chrono_psx.smc' into 'out.smc'.

Flashing the ROM

Just run ucon64 with the --xsf option and wait: # ucon64 --xsf out.smc

Dumping a ROM

Use the good-old --xsf parameter: # ucon64 --xsf smw.smc (Note: This does currently NOT work on my hardware. But it used to work a few years ago.. hmm.. anyway: I do not own any undumped roms :-D)

Action Photos! (on real hardware)

Superflash Menu

Chrono Trigger (PSX ROM!!11)

Zelda Parallel Worlds (Zelda Romhack)