Android 5.1 (L) for Sony Xperia Z (YUGA)

Amost pure AOSP

This is the home of my Android 5.1 Port to the Sony Xperia Z (YUGA / C6603 and C6602).

Current progress

Feature Status Comment
Audio Working -
Graphics Working -
3D Acceleration Working -
OMX Working -
Camera Working -
External SD-Card Working -
Disk Encryption Working -
USB OTG Working Storage and DACs work fine
Wifi Working -
rild (radio/GSM) Working -
Bluetooth Working -
Tethering Wifi & BT tested, USB reported to be OK. -
SE Linux Working In 'Enforcing' mode (as required by 5.0)
NFC Working without HCE support
MTP Working -
GPS Working -

Installation instructions

First time installation

A full wipe is required to upgrade to Android 5.0. (I also strongly recommend a full wipe if you installed any other Android 5.0 ROM)
Step 1
Download and extract the ZIP file
Step 2
Flash all 3 files to your phone via fastboot fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
fastboot reboot

NOTE: THIS WILL WIPE YOUR PHONE - INCLUDING YOUR INTERNAL SD-CARD! A full backup is therefore recommended.

Upgrading from a previous 5.x build

A full wipe is NOT required while upgrading from an old 5.x build, so userdata.img must NOT be flashed during the upgrade process:
Step 1
Download and extract the ZIP file
Step 2
Flash only boot.img and system.img to your phone via fastboot fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot reboot

Google Apps installation

After booting your phone for the first time, download the gapps package and push it to /sdcard using adb (or MTP):
adb push gapps_50_yuga_004-00cb.tgz /sdcard/
adb reboot

Your phone will now reboot and automatically install gapps during the boot process. (note that your phone will reboot twice - this is normal).
I strongly recommend to keep the gapps package in /sdcard/ after the installation finished: Upgrading to a new release will erase your existing gapps installation - but if the package is still present in /sdcard/, it will be automatically installed during the first boot.

Please note that the system will default to the 'debug-backup-transport', so the ROM will not pull or push backups from google. You can enable googles backup transport by running: adb shell bmgr transport
Restoring is possible by executing: adb shell bmgr list sets
adb shell bmgr restore TOKEN_YOU_WANT_TO_RESTORE


Note: Version 5.1.1-p1 will be the last release: My Xperia Z died due to a hardware failure after serving me well for several years.
So do not expect any new builds from me, but if you would like to pick up the project, just let me know. (i'll give you commit privileges to the github repos)

Version 5.1.1-p1 (Released 2015-05-15)

  • Upgraded to android-5.1.1_r2
  • Increased kernel watchdog time to match upstream value
  • Experimental support for Ext4 formatted SD Cards, see here
Release 5.1.1-p1 PGP Signature Google Apps package (Mirror on

Version 5.1.1 (Released 2015-04-25)

  • Upgraded to android-5.1.1
  • Use GPS and netmgr blobs from Makos (Nexus4) 5.1 release
  • Change ntp server used by GPS to (faster fix)
Release 5.1.1 PGP Signature Google Apps package (Mirror on

Version 5.1.0-p2 (Released 2015-04-11)

  • Upgraded to android-5.1.0_r3
  • Upgraded netmgr blobs to hammerheads 5.1 version
  • Fixed bluetooth audio issues (?)
  • Replaced the (unmaintained) Google AOSP Browser with Cyanogenmods fork (not sure if i'll keep it like this - feedback?)
Release 5.1.0 (patch 2) PGP Signature Google Apps package (Mirror on

Version 5.1.0-p1 (Released 2015-03-24)

  • Upgraded to Android 5.1
  • Changed the linux kernel from to a combination of sony-292+CAF(LA.AF.1.1-02010-8064.0)
  • Upgraded prima-wlan to LA.AF.1.1-02010-8064.0 branch
  • Hopefully fixed the random reboot issue
Please note that this is the first release based on Android 5.1 - i've been running it since a few days without any issues but it may be less stable than the 5.0.9 version - so upgrade at your own risk! Also note that downgrading to any 5.0.x release from 5.1 is not possible - but upgrading from 5.0.x to 5.1 is fully supported
Release 5.1.0 (patch 1) PGP Signature Google Apps package (Mirror on

Version 5.0.9 (Released 2015-02-01)

  • Notifications override the charging LED
  • Disabled QSEECOM and patched CVE-2014-4323
  • Switched prima-wifi to LNX.LA.2.7-06510-8064.0

Version 5.0.8 (Released 2015-01-01)

  • Fix LTE signal strength indcator
  • Enable wifi background scanning

Version 5.0.7 (Released 2014-12-20)

  • Upgraded to Android 5.0.2
  • Upgraded to Linux 3.4.105
  • Enabled WIFI frequency band selection
  • Fixed ril SIM_IO

Version 5.0.6 (Released 2014-12-04)

  • Upgraded to Android 5.0.1

Version 5.0.5 (Released 2014-11-30)

  • Switched to Android 5.0 GPS HAL (with geofence support)
  • NOOP is now the default io scheduler
  • Upgraded prima_wlan driver

Version 5.0.4 (Released 2014-11-23)

  • Fix video playback issues due to audio buffer underrun
  • Upgraded to android-5.0.0_r7
  • Interactive is now the default governor
  • Added power HAL for yuga
  • Build OMX from source
  • Include Sim-Toolkit
  • Improved (?) in-call voice quality
  • Switched to a completely new gapps package. The old package (based on the basketbuild release) turned out to be broken beyond repair. Unfortunately, this also means that a full wipe is required while upgrading to 5.0.4 (eg: flash userdata.img). While i give my best to provide 'rolling upgrades', it just doesn't make sense in this case as investing time in a migration script would simply waste too much resources. Sorry about that - but at least the new gapps package also includes face unlock and comes from a known source

Version 5.0.3 (Released 2014-11-16)

  • Fixed NFC even more (Reading seems now to be mostly stable)
  • Fixed stock E-Mail App
  • Added Volume Rocker option in Xperia Z settings
  • boot.img is now rootable by default
  • Upgraded to Android 5.0.0_r6

Version 5.0.2 (Released 2014-11-15)

  • Fixed qc-fqd
  • Added 'Xperia Z' in Settings
  • Fixed some NFC issue

Version 5.0.1 (Released 2014-11-11)

  • Use ASM AES implementation (speeds up I/O on encrypted devices)
  • Enhanced sound quality by defaulting to a better resampler
  • Fixed crash in AOSP Browser while entering 'Settings' (Thanks to Alex van den Hoogen)
  • Use powerprofile from mako (this may (or may not) improve the battery usage calculation)

Version 5.0.0 (Released 2014-11-10)

  • Added Android 5.0 boot animation
  • Fixed ion UAPI kernel header conflict
  • Fixed bluetooth MAC change

Building from source

My source tree is (mostly) up-to-date.
$ repo init -u -b android-5.-whatever
# copy-n-paste the local-manifest from:
$ repo sync
# ...add some patches:
$ ( cd device/sony/c6603/_yuga_patches && ./ )
# ...and build the kernel:
$ ( cd kernel/sony/kernel_*/ && ./ )
# horray: you can now build AOSP!
$ lunch full_c6603-userdebug
$ make -j 8


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